Julieta Poggio’s emotion at being chosen as godmother to one of Daniela and Thiago’s daughters

This weekend the “Gender Party” held by Daniela Celis and Thiago Medina was held where they revealed the sex of the twins they are expecting by the end of February, as well as the names chosen and also who will be the godfathers and godmothers selected to accompany their children. After revealing that they are expecting two girls, the couple announced the names of the girls they will name: Aime and Laila and after a series of games they announced who will be the godfathers and godmothers of the girls. During this event, the mom-to-be came up with a heartwarming surprise for her friend and godmother-to-be. The actress received a box that contained a touching letter and said, “If you open this box, there’s no going back.” In the letter, the future baby addressed her in a special and emotional way that moved Juliet to tears. “Hello auntie. I heard you many times from my belly saying that you want to be part of my life,” the letter begins. I need someone who loves me almost like my mom and dad, someone who will take care of me and be there when I need it, who will support me and advise me in difficult times. May he rejoice in my accomplishments and smile with me. Above all, may he accompany me on this new path with a lot of love.” And she closes with the proposal: “I know you were one of the first to ask me and now I ask you. Do you want to be my godmother?” concludes the letter that brought tears to the eyes of the former Big Brother contestant who happily accepted the proposal. 

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