The assets of Martín Insaurralde, Jésica Cirio and Sofía Clérici are inhibited

After the images between Martín Insaurralde and the model Sofía Clérici on a luxury trip along the coasts of Marbella became known. The Justice decided to investigate the former mayor of Lomas de Zamora, the model and the ex-wife of the public official, Jésica Cirio, for the possible commission of crimes of money laundering and illicit enrichment. Likewise, the Federal Court of La Plata today ordered the general inhibition of assets of the three defendants so that none of them can part with their assets during the judicial investigation.“If the progress of the investigation justifies it, the lifting or substitution (of the measure) may be ordered, as the case may be.”, the judges recalled in the resolution to which Telam agreed.The court intervened in an appeal filed by the prosecutor Sergio Mola, who had asked for the inhibition of assets to which at the time Judge Kreplak did not allow. The prosecutor of Lomas de Zamora in charge of the case is Cecilia Incardona and the federal judge, Ernesto Kreplak, in charge of the case after the complaint filed by Deputy Ricardo López Murphy and the candidate for national senator for Juntos por el Cambio for the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Talerico. The measure also affects her, after the figures of the allegedly millionaire divorce between the driver and the former official were known, also motorized since the media Clérici ventilated on social networks that she had shared a trip to Marbella, Spain, with Insaurralde.

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