British Foreign Secretary David Cameron to visit the Falklands this week

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron will visit the Falkland Islands this week as part of his official tour of South America. This trip, which will also include stops in Brazil and Paraguay, marks the first time in six years that a British foreign secretary has ventured to the disputed South Atlantic islands. and ruling out any discussion of the islands’ sovereignty with Argentina as long as the local inhabitants wish to remain under British administration. Cameron’s visit comes just a month after his meeting with Argentine President Javier Milei at the Global Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Although it was reported that the Falklands issue was mentioned, the talks focused mainly on strengthening trade relations and promoting British investment in Argentina. The Argentine government expressed its desire to address the issue of the Malvinas on the bilateral agenda, however, the United Kingdom reiterated its position that the matter is closed and will not be reviewed. This stance was backed by the British government, which congratulated Milei on his election victory and urged him to work for a “strong and productive” relationship between the two countries. The dispute over the Falklands dates back to the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom, where British forces regained control of the islands after a 74-day Argentine occupation. Since then, Argentina has maintained its claim to sovereignty over the islands, while the United Kingdom defended its right to self-determination of the local inhabitants. Meanwhile, in international forums, the question of the Falklands remains a recurring theme. The U.N. Special Committee on Decolonization has annually voted in favor of negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom, backing Argentina’s claim to the islands.

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