JetSmart inaugurated a direct route between Buenos Aires and Concepción: a tourist guide to the cradle of Chilean rock

Note written by Cristian PalombaJetSmart mapped out a new air connection between Buenos Aires and Concepción, Chile. was invited to participate in the inaugural flight of the low-cost airline, and from above the clouds we began to tour the destination in depth to learn about its history and crown with the REC Festival. Concepción is the capital of the Biobio Region, and is known for its incredible natural wealth and its young and mostly university demographics, which ended up making it “The Cradle of Chilean Rock”.
From this city came rock legends of his country, such as Los Tres, De Saloon or Los Bunkers. It was precisely the latter who led the line-up of the REC Festival, which brought together more than 250,000 people. This is the largest free festival in Latin America. The city is full of people who visit its tourist attractions, light up its nightlife and in this case, complete the hotel occupancy at 90%. For this edition, Los Bunkers are joined by the Argentines El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, Usted Señalemelo and A.N.I.M.A.L. In addition, UB40 and Chilean bands such as Niños del Cerro, Los Santos Dumont and Congreso. The atmosphere of rock brotherhood between Argentines and Chileans in “Conce” is total and you can breathe mutual admiration.
HospitalityThe MDS Concepción Hotel hosts many musicians and is positioned as the best option deluxe in the area. Its rooms have panoramic views that thrill at first sight. And his restaurant is spectacular. In addition, it integrates an incredible casino with a nightclub complex, where bands and DJs play. The MDS Concepción Hotel itself concentrates some of the best options to walk around after lunch. The Laja Falls are a must-see in the area. An hour away and on Route 5, the Hotel Saltos del Laja, which is located next to the falls, has cabins with a stunning view and is surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility ideal for relaxing. The property also has guided walks through its forests, to learn more about the local flora and fauna. One of the most beautiful landscapes in the Biobio Region.GastronomySeafood cuisine is the specialty of the region. The gastronomy of Terralomas provides a comprehensive experience of fresh seafood ideal to taste with wines from Berta Family Wines, packaged in the Itata Valley, Chile. Highly recommended combination! We especially recommend the mollusk called Loco, with its unique flavor and soft texture, which due to its scarcity must be fished in an artisanal way by divers in the South Pacific. Their seafood cuisine is sublime and meticulous, but they also specialize in meats and warn that “they are ready to surprise the demanding Argentine palate.” The local scallops are simply something different, but we also recommend the ceviche and the incredible octopus pull with olive tree. Spectacular! The pizzeria De Mi Tierra is a journey to the depths of your heart. Set with images of indigenous peoples, it has a place for children to play, provides space for women to breastfeed, and implements the “silent hour” to provide support to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In addition, they are petfriendly, serve signature drinks and pizzas with local ingredients and cultivate teamwork that is reflected in the energy of the staff. De Mi Tierra empathizes with everyone, and that is a guarantee that you go in to eat and leave with a smile. If you’re looking for the best meat deal in the area, we recommend the Mohawk cut at Hacienda Patagonia. A dazzling place with multiple salons and completely luxurious service. LandscapesPedro del Río Zañartu Park is the place where the Bíobio River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The perfect mix between both climates and a beautiful beach ideal for surfing. But in addition, the great tourist attraction also has a huge forest to explore with a labyrinth inside. At the same time, it is home to the Pedro del Río Zañartu Museum, with the collection of objects collected around the world by its previous owner: Shanghai armor, legendary objects from ancient Greece and even a mummy, among others. Safety pin! A must-see is the Haras Santa Amelia. Located at Km 23 of Route 180 in Los Angeles, the property was founded almost 100 years ago by the Allende family and is a sanctuary for Chile’s equestrian history. Also Italian gastronomy in its restaurant Trattoria for a beautiful day of sightseeing. HereWeddings are held, and at the moment it is in a process of transformation to be able to offer accommodation. The Camino del Agua Spa is perfect for renewing your energy and spending a day of self-love in peace. Located at Camino Nonguén 2151, 20 minutes from Pedro del Río Zañartu Park, it is surrounded by forests and in extreme tranquility. It has a complete circuit of thermal temperature waters, various massage therapy services, beauty, trails through the forest and a restaurant with spectacular preparations that complement the experience. The University of Concepción is another obligatory stop. In a city known for its university population, the UdeC is an accumulation of local history and culture. Masonic legends, academic secrets and a great tour invite you to get lost in its incredible corridors. But don’t relax too much because you have to visit its art gallery, where you can find a striking mural about Latin American colonization and many works that reflect the different social moments in Chile.
The History Gallery is also a journey through history, through the dioramas of the artist Zerreitug, which are three-dimensional models that represent different scenes of regional processes. This cultural center is located at the foot of Cerro Caracol and in the heart of Ecuador Park. Admission is free with voluntary contribution. To complement this historic leg, the Plaza Independencia is one of the most attractive tourist spots. Here lie some of the most incredible stories of Concepción.In this place Bernardo O’Higgins made the solemn declaration of Chilean independence. Also here are the statues of the Mapuche leader Lautaro and his “master of war” the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, whom he would later betray and, according to legend, eat his heart. This last statue was decapitated in the Social Outbreak of 2019.Here also lies the plaque of Sebastián Acevedo, a worker who, motivated by the arrest of his children during the Pinochet dictatorship, doused himself with benzine and set himself on fire in the Cathedral of the Holy Conception, which is located in front of the square. And finally, the icing on the cake is the REC Festival, which has been held in Concepción for 10 years and next year will have its tenth edition (it had to be suspended during the pandemic). Concepción is the heart of Chilean rock. Due to its sometimes rainy climate and large university population, it became a powerhouse of bands and artists ready to take on the world. All the inhabitants of this place know and admire Argentinian bands such as Soda Stereo, Serú Girán or even Los Enanitos Verdes, Ráfaga and Amar Azul.Nowadays, artists such as Nicki Nicole or Duki are trending, and a new generation of music lovers from both countries greet each other in warm hugs. This is the largest free-to-enter festival in Latin America and the aerial images speak for themselves. After talking with its executive producer Francisca Peró and sketching out some secret name dance, from we can assure you that REC 10 is going to be talked about. Artists such as Fito Páez, 2 Minutos, Catupecu Machu, Miranda!, or Babasónicos have already passed through there. We can’t wait to find out who will be at the tenth anniversary celebration! Along with more than 250,000 fans from Chile, Argentina, Latin America and the rest of the world, will be present in Concepción to relive this rock experience and continue touring one of the most beautiful destinations on the continent. JetSmart, the leading low-cost airline in South America, flies Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays connecting Buenos Aires and Concepción non-stop. In addition to having the newest aircraft in the region, it is the only one that flies to more than 70 destinations in the region. When you purchase a ticket, you only pay for the services you want to use, avoiding oversized luggage and its fares.Note written by Cristian Palomba

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