Pablo Moyano warned about the possibility of a national strike for companies that do not pay 25%

The truckers’ union, led by Pablo Moyano, announced a national strike for next Monday. The measure comes in response to the refusal of the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, to approve the 25% wage increase requested by the union, arguing the need for the parity agreements to be “compatible and reasonable”. We tell Caputo and President Milei that if the increase is not there on Monday the 8th, the country will stop,” he said and added: “If the companies do not deposit the 25% signed for the 18 branches of activity, the nearly 250,000 road workers in the country, plus the 2% increase in the postal branch, the logistics branch and the express and removal branch, activities are stopped.” In this sense, he clarified: “The increase will have to be paid by all the companies in the activity. Those who don’t pay the raise, don’t mobilize and stop on Monday.” Moyano also took aim at television host Jonatan Viale, whom he accused of misinforming and misrepresenting the union’s position. “This sorete had said that I declared that not a leaf was going to be moved throughout the country and compared me to a speech by the dictator Pinochet,” he declared. We are not going to homologate that, because there has to be a logic to parity,” the minister said in an interview. The minister insisted on the need for collective bargaining agreements to be “compatible and reasonable”, pointing out that giving way to excessive demands could trigger an even more serious inflationary cycle. Caputo exemplified his position: “If he approves the 25% increase in February, when inflation was 13, 20% in March, when it’s going to be 10, they’re going to say ‘give me 30 in April, 20 in May.'”

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