Rene Valencia assures that he will be the president of the street “that will help the people of Morelia” –

Morelia, Michoacán.- René Valencia indicated that one of the main demands he has received from the people of Morelia in his tour of the streets is the improvement of public services. In a statement, they indicated that citizens ask the municipal authority in turn to look more to the periphery where basic services, such as drinking water, drainage, public lighting and street paving are priorities for the Morelians who live there. “The current president, or the one who was, Alfonso Martínez, has dedicated himself a lot to central places, the neighborhoods that are on the banks have the need for services, for paving, the Ampliación La Soledad neighborhood, which is close to the Bicentennial, is unpaved, years, years, that neighborhood. It’s not far from downtown, it’s a neighborhood that’s abandoned and occupies services,” complained a citizen during a tour of René Valencia at the Tianguis de La Feria.La citizen insisted that security is important, but so are public services in the settlements of Morelia, because they feel forgotten by their municipal leaders. In René they see a man who does solve the problem, not only of security, who is a citizen like the people of Morelia, and has a winning project, “I am a person who does not say I am from the PRI, or I am from such, no, I have always said that he is the person they put in, not the party. It’s the person they put in, you’re in the PRI and you’re trustworthy,” she said. The PRI candidate for mayor of Morelia pledged not to be a desk president, to tour the neighborhoods of the Michoacan capital and to attend first-hand to the most urgent needs, to make public services efficient throughout the Morelian territory. “It won’t be necessary to go looking for me, I’m going to be a president on the street, in the office they won’t even find me, I’m going to walk in the neighborhoods, attending to the issues of insecurity. Solving this issue will be development, paving, public lighting, all basic services will always be our priority, and the money will be enough, because we are not going to steal it, that is what I guarantee,” he concluded.

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