translated from Spanish: Ezzati said that it will keep silence until courts decide by his dismissal

Santiago Archbishop and Cardinal of the Catholic Church, Ricardo Ezzati referred to his refusal to testify before the public prosecutor in O ‘ Higgins, in the case against former Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Oscar Muñoz, where accused of alleged cover-up.
Ezzati was quoted today at 10 pm to deliver his testimony in the case before the regional public prosecutor Emiliano Arias, however the prelate made use of his right to remain silent.
The defense of Ezzati explained that this decision was taken since the warranty of Rancagua Court declared itself incompetent to review the proceedings requested the cardinal in the case, at the request of the public prosecutor’s Office. The audience that the requirement would be was going to perform on Friday, October 5.
Ezzati said in a public statement that «at the suggestion of my lawyers and taking into consideration that they requested the final dismissal of this case in relation to myself, and having been fixed on 5 October hearing underway for» discuss it (which, however, can be effect since prosecutors called the incompetence of the Court just a few days before its realization, which was decreed recently dated yesterday) and, considering, in addition, that copies of the folder research – that she is appropriately required – they have not been delivered yet, I will make use, for now, of my right to remain silent».
The Cardinal said that the measure will be «until the courts issued a ruling on the request for dismissal final, which aired on September 14 last».

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