translated from Spanish: UNICEF will invest $ 32 million in Venezuela to lower maternal mortality

the the United Nations Fund for children (Unicef) signed h Oy an action plan by the order of 32 million dollars with the Government of Venezuela to invest in “programs with allies of the Government, other public authorities, society and academia”.
It’s a “plan for deepening’ which seeks the reduction of maternal and child mortality and the improvement of the conditions for the protection and development of children and adolescents, as indicated by the Agency in a statement.
UNICEF reminds in his writing that Venezuela “is going through an economic crisis that has had the greatest impact on the most vulnerable groups, hindering the families access to services and goods sufficient and appropriate to ensure the protection and the” development full of boys, girls and adolescents”.
For this reason it has spread its support from 2016, and “the agreement signed today an increase of six times of the funds which Unicef allocated to technical cooperation, training, provision of inputs (materials) and strategies promoting rights until the end of 2019”.
The Regional Director of Unicef for Latin America and the Caribbean, María Cristina Perceval, said in Caracas that aims to “multiply the work that the Agency has been carrying out consistent and determined way to the challenges faced by children and the” Teens throughout the country”.
Perceval today met with several representatives of the Venezuelan Government, including Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, and the head of State, Nicolas Maduro.
“We had a special meeting (…) “we talked about the important efforts made by our Government to give maximum protection to our children, and adolescents”, Maduro wrote on social networking site Twitter.
EfE has been able to confirm the increasing presence of children in the streets of Venezuela in a State of destitution and Fe y Alegría educational organization has reported that more than 4,000 children and teenagers from 170 institutions have been “left behind” by parents will be of (l) country.
Every day are murdered three children or adolescents in Venezuela, according to a report released this week by the Venezuelan Observatory of violence (OVV) and Cecodap organization that defends the rights of minors in the Caribbean country.

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