translated from Spanish: With pain he cries to nine coffins, his entire family died drowned

Rome, (AFP) – hundreds of people attended Tuesday in Palermo the poignant funeral of nine people from the same family who died because of the floods and bad weather the EMI or in Sicily, South of Italia.La ceremony was held in the Cathedral of Palermo, city that a minute’s silence for the victims and flags of all institutions and schools were at half-staff.

Dozens of white balloons were released after the passage of the coffins. Photo: AFP tens of white balloons were released at the time of the passage of the coffins, while the audience applauded. The city band accompanied the funeral of nine people, including two children of one and three years and a boy of 15 years, who belonged to two families who were surprised when water flooded her house in Casteldaccia , a coastal town East of Palermo, capital of Sicily.

Giuseppe Giordano and his 12-year-old daughter managed to escape but they lost 9 family members. Photo: AFP “Federico live,” read a huge sign made by classmates of the teenager, while a group of them loaded on their backs the coffin with the body of the young man. The two families had gathered to spend the weekend in this town on the edge of the militia River, which overflowed by the abundant rain covering much of the House with water and mud.

Giuseppe Giordano mourns the death of her spouse, two of his three children, his parents and two brothers House, whose occupants were just renters, had been built without permission and close to the River, so it had a demolition order from the 2008 “, explained the Mayor of Casteldaccia.” “Nobody warned us of the risks, had rented it two years ago, I had suspected when the owner told me that it was better to go there only in the summer”, said Giuseppe Giordano, aged 35, who lost to the spouse, two of his three children, his parents and a brother and a sister .

Nine coffins were brought to the Church. Photo: AFP desperate, eyes red, swollen by tears, dismissed with a kiss to the coffin to his family, in a heartbreaking gesture. Giordano and her 12-year-old daughter were saved after catching for hours in a tree.

A minute’s silence I keep in memory of the victims of the flooding. Photo: AFP the owner of the House, Antonino Pace, holding have lent, said that he had warned them of the risks and that had also remembered them that there was a red alert in Sicily, the highest level, due to the bad weather. Torrential rains and high winds have caused death in a week of 30 people in the peninsula, from North to South.

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