translated from Spanish: Begins to run tip in water consumption rate until the end of March

from the day of yesterday, Saturday, December 1, and until March 31, a new rate of tip is to be installed and which involves an extra charge if you exceed a limit of over-consumption, established at 40 cubic meters. Ronaldo Bruna, Superintendent of health services, said that «we are facing delicate times with respect to water scarcity, not only in Chile, but in the world. This is a phenomenon that already is no longer seasonal and has become a reality that we must face.»on the problem of shortages, the authorities published a series of tips to promote the responsible consumption of the agua:corte the stopcock if you will be away from home more than one day. The water used for boiling eggs can be used to water the plants. In addition it will bring nutrients from its shell. Close the faucet while brushing your teeth. In this way, you can save about 12 liters of water per minute. Take short showers and close the tap while you lather or apply shampoo. You’ll save 120 litres on average each time. Drinking water does not run the key, will spend up to 12 litres of water per minute. Prefer to use a jug or bottle in the refrigerator. Install water-saving in the keys of the laundry, sinks and showers to reduce consumption in the House. they are very economical! Clean your faucet filters once a year. Arrange all keys leaking. You can save 180 liters. Adjust the opening of the key to what you need. The open is not completely unnecessary. Do not let water run while shaving. This means a saving of about 24 litres of water every two minutes.

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