translated from Spanish: They ensure videos to identify armed in Minatitlan command

Veracruz-La Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office reported that they have ensured the videos that relate to the armed attack which was recorded in Minatitlán, Veracruz, in order to achieve the identification of members of the armed command who broke into the family party. According to the progress of research carried on this armed attack that left 14 people dead, is pointed out that experts attached to Coatzacoalcos conducted the surveys of law and proceeded to the assurance of the building and enacted measures of protection. Eighteen interviews were also gathered relatives and neighbors of the place and conducted three inspections eye; that was the uprising of the bodies for later practice the opinions of the necropsy of law. The experts made the opinions of ballistics to determine the type of weapon used; In addition to that have been practiced guinto sodium, Walker and forensic identification tests.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Veracruz reviews videos to identify the suspected assassins who murdered fourteen people at a party in Minatitlan. | AFP

In coordination the prosecutors, experts and Ministerial police come to make videos pudiern to help identify the alleged aggressors and inspected all possible routes of access and egress.

He said the State Prosecutor’s Office that there is the commitment to provide a law enforcement expeditious for the Veracruz and will continue carrying out all the necessary investigations that allow to find those responsible for this cowardly fact.

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