translated from Spanish: Who was José Ber Gelbard, the entrepreneur who named Cristina

José Ber Gelbard He was born in Poland in 1916 and arrived in Argentina at the age of 14, where he settled with his family in the northern provinces. He was a member of the Argentine Communist Party and became a benchmark for national entrepreneurship during the first part of the TWENTIETH century. It was transformed into 1945 in the President of the Economic Federation of Tucumán. 

In the 1946 elections he supported the Democratic Union and approached Perón when the president then tried to get national entrepreneurs to organize. Cristina Kirchner brought it up during the presentation of his book because together with Perón reached agreements between entrepreneurs and guilds that the state supervised. That’s what the former president for a future government posed. «We must make social agreement of responsible citizenship. With verifiable, quantifiable, enforceable goals, «CFK said. 
In the book The Bourgeois cursed of Mary Seoane, they cite the Harvard researcher, James Brennan, who developed that Ber Gelbard «genuinely concerned to raise the standard of living of the workers, as part of a project to develop a national capitalism Fair. » And in the return of democracy-although Peronism was proscribed-by the hand of Arturo Frondizi, he fought the economic model of the radical leader in pursuit of a more present state and regulator.

He was Minister of Economy of the third government of Perón and with the death of the General presented his resignation months later. When the civic-military dictatorship of 76 took over the government, it was exiled in the United States.

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