translated from Spanish: Tigre thrashed 5 a 0 a Atlético Tucumán and strokes the final of the Super League Cup

Tiger makes history. Not only for having shown the role of the averages that have been unfair in many opportunities, and that cost him the descent, but also showed that this to fight in the first division to the end. Today, he gave a sample of total football and thrashed 5 to 0 to Atlético Tucumán in the Ida of one of the semifinals. With seven injured, among which stood out Montillo, Alcoba and Moiraghi, played a partidazo led by three figures in the midfield. Juan Ignacio was a two-goal, Lucas Menossi, the central flyer that also scored, and «frisk» Morales who put the whole class on his feet for a memorable match.
In the first stage and in a match that ripped even, Menossi broke the zero with a big goal to pure touch and at the end of it, a fence, the wheel ex San Lorenzo, which supplanted Montillo, put the 2 to 0 with a golazo to the angle. On the end, Ramiro Carrera broke the crossbar and showed that the Dean was alive. However, in the second stage the matador was lethal. At 9, Morales put the bun and stamped the third, just four minutes later, Colazo closed a great move on the left and drowning athletic, the fence reappeared and put the 5 to 0 before the 15 of the complement.
The rest of the game was stuffed. Tigre tried to keep the zero to go with all the chances to the Jose Fierro and let play the rival, although against had his own without generating danger in the arch of Luchetti. On the end, the dean burned his few ideas and could not get the goal that could help the return. The return will be on May 25, but everything indicates that the result puts Tigre in the final, ensuring his second place in the Copa Sudamericana 2020, but not be able to use the absurd laws of Argentine football. However, you will have the chance to play for a title and the place in the Copa Libertadores which, despite being descended, could play it. Despite this, we must first keep the difference in Tucumán.

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