translated from Spanish: Deputy DC Joanna Perez officiates to minister Moreno by indigenous consultation and asks to suspend it to be reformulated

An Office of auditing the Minister of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno, sent by Congresswoman DC Joanna Perez, asking for explanations for the presence of conscripts in the indigenous consultation held in Valdivia, and the series of drawbacks and refusals that has had this process in several communes in the country; Consultation questioned by communities in the Bio Bio, Los Lagos and Araucanía regions.
Parliamentarian DC, vice-president of the party and parliamentarian for Bio Bio, added the need to «suspend the process to be reformulated and open spaces of dialogue with the communities, in such a way as to reestablish the trusts and can meet the Exercise of this right of the communities under Convention 169. After the hurricane case and the murder of the commoner Camilo Catrillanca, the trusts were broken and this is influencing, as much as the debts of the state that still persist. »
He added that «at least in the Bio Bio region there is concern and a legitimate distrust of the issue of land; They feel that they are seeking, unprotecting the territories to alienate them and converting them into tradable goods. It has also been said that as it stands, the consultation does not contemplate the minimum standards set out in Convention 169. »
«What happened with the purchase of land by the son of Longueira, the current chief of Staff of Minister Moreno, ended up increasing the crisis of confidence. We will discuss this topic in the Research Commission for purchases of indigenous lands, but it has also influenced many community leaders to call for the suspension of the indigenous consultation. That is why we are asking Minister Moreno to send a report on the current status of the consultation as soon as possible and to suspend the process until we can establish a space for real dialogue with the communities so that we can develop this right in the best way. »
Finally, he noted that «we all know that indigenous law requires changes, in fact, we are already working on a project to carry loopholes and close the spaces that can be used for purchases of indigenous lands by non-indigenous; But it is also true that this amendment must also include the historical and legitimate demands of the communities that have to do with constitutional recognition and respect for the rights enshrined in ILO Convention 169: Self-determination, Right to land, territory and natural resources, and especially the right to water, plurinationality. »

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