translated from Spanish: Guaidó will ask Piñera government to facilitate the entry of Venezuelan migrants

The leader of Venezuela’s Parliament, Juan Guaidó, reported on Saturday that he contacted the Chilean Chancellery to establish a mechanism to facilitate the entry of Venezuelan migrants to that country, which from this day emana requires them a tourist visa.
After an event in San Felipe, Yaracuy state (central-north), Guaidó, recognized as president by more than 50 countries, stated that his Administration is «in talks with The Chancellery (of Chile) to see how we can facilitate the process for Venezuelans», post who mostly «don’t migrate for tourism.»
According to figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Acnur), more than 4 million Venezuelans have emigrated in the past 41 months as a result of the crisis economic and social lives in that country.
Guaidó reported that «we are looking for a kind of tailored adaptation» and said he understood Chile’s decision, «a country that has been in solidarity with Venezuelans.»
Regarding the three-day visit to her country by the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, she reiterated that «it is a recognition of the crisis caused by this regime» and the need for «an urgent solution».
The former Chilean president is expected to submit a final report on the Venezuelan case on 5 July next, on which Guaidó said that, following the information gathered by Bachelet and his team, «that report on July 5 is going to be much more forceful than that presented preliminary in March.»
On Friday, Bachelet left a commission installed from his office in Venezuela that will provide assistance and technical advice on human rights, as well as to monitor the country’s situation in this area.
In this regard, Guaidó stated that «it is important» to have in Venezuela the delegates of the Office of the High Commission on Human Rights, «not only to alleviate the crisis but to seek solutions to what we are living».
The former Chilean president, who was in the Venezuelan capital for three days, expressed concern about the human rights situation in the South American country and stated that she «hurts» what happens in Venezuela.
Guaidó stated that «we understand the high commissioner’s concern» about the effect of U.S. and other countries’ sanctions on the economy, but argued that «it is a measure to protect assets from being stolen, so that they do not continue to pay groups so that they don’t use Venezuelans’ money to do social control.»

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