translated from Spanish: The Justice asked for accounting expertise in Hotesur and Los Sauces

The Federal Oral Court No. 5, which will judge former President Cristina Kirchner and her children, Maximus and Florence, for alleged money laundering in the “Los Sauces” and “Hotesur” cases, today ordered several test measures, including a new accounting expertise. Judges Adriana Palliotti, Daniel Obligado and José Martínez Sobrino provided a “supplementary instruction” that includes an expertise for a “comparative analysis between the contracts signed by former representative Nestor Kirchner and/or his representatives and the succession of the Santacruceño through its legal representatives by the location of the hotel Los Sauces and the contracts subscribed by Los Sauces S.A. in relation to the Hotel La Aldea del Chaltén”. In that regard, they asked to determine “whether the locotive charges agreed for the rental of the latter establishment can be classified as excessive, according to market variables”. It was also ordered that the expertise explain whether the companies of The owner of Austral Construcciones, Lázaro Báez, “had funds to face the bills” for the Kirchner’s alleged property rents.In the meantime, still undated set by the Kirchner.In the meantime, Tribunal, a number of witnesses were subpoenaed, including GEN leader Margarita Stolbizer, “repentant” Leonardo Fariña, and journalists. The magistrates also asked the federal judge Claudio Bonadio to send a certified copy of the declaration as repentant of the former accountant of the Kirchner Victor Manzanares in the case of the notebooks, since in the file of “Los Sauces” he is prosecuted and on the way to trial. The Court’s decision is based on requests made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the claims by the Anti-Corruption Office (OA) and the Financial Reporting Unit (UIF), as well as the defendants’ defenses. In this note:

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