translated from Spanish: César Vaccia handed out keys for U to defeat Colo Colo at the Monumental

September 9, 2001 was the last time University of Chile won at the Monumental, it was 3-2 and the coach leading that cast was César Vaccia. «If one refers only to the facts, it is obviously difficult to beat Colo Colo at the Monumental. The U has won only three times: in 99 (1-0), in 2000 (3-1) and in 2001 (3-2) and all three times i was there,» the coach told SoyChile. He believes that this unfavorable statistic for the U is due to something more mental than football. «I don’t know what, but something happens. It’s something more of the mental part, the accumulation of the unflavored. Now how to beat him, all in his time and in his time. We won with stellar teams, being far behind and they were high on the board and we also beat them with alternate gear, which was the last time,» Vaccia said. According to the strategist, there are two aspects that need to be balanced to break the story. » (You have to) play better than Colo Colo, very focused the whole game and a high share of motivation. Imagine what would become of the U, it would be the ultimate takeoff,» he added. He recalls that his strategy in the talk was to use the song «Today can be a great day» by Joan Manuel Serrat in the technical talk. «The boys of now don’t remember, but I’ve always been a Serrat fan. We did the whole technical part and hooked it with that song, which says things like ‘it’s just up to you’,’ she said. He also made an analysis of the current football moment of the Blues and defended the questioned defense. «When you defend, the team defends, not just the defenses. If there is coordination between the left pointer and the archer, the opposing team will have less chance. The U does not defend well and is very exposed. Upstairs it is not pressed well, we do not take the receivers, it does not become the equipment short. Besides, when they get in the back they don’t do well because it’s not a team ianer to defend,» he said. And he targeted the forwards. «The other problem is that we don’t score goals. There is a psychotechnical problem, but with the pressure of the environment and they believe it and every time we are attacked they make the goals, it is like the chronicle,» he said. Despite this, he believes that the team leading Hernán Caputto could surprise himself at the Monumental. «What happens is that the classics are different. That’s not a clichéd phrase. On the first wheel the U came wrong and made a good match for Colo Colo. He could even beat her. What makes the difference is the Monumental and it’s hard to play there,» he said. Finally he had words for Johnny Herrera, who is the only survivor of that team in 2001. «When Arias pulled it out it didn’t seem to me, I couldn’t make sense of it. Johnny wasn’t to blame for the U’s bad game, they somehow backed up responsibility to him,» he argued. But, now that the decision is made, Vaccia opined that it is better to keep it there. «The other guy has done well, it would be a bad idea to put it for the match with Colo Colo, they would win a new free problem,» he said.

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