translated from Spanish: Minister Espina said Carabineros “is overwhelmed” and defended project to keep military back “critical infrastructure”

Defense Minister Alberto Espina defended the project presented by President Piñera to protect the country’s “critical infrastructure”.
The secretary of state said Carabineros has been “over-laden” amid episodes of violence that have been recorded amid social demonstrations since October 18.
“It’s a reality. We were subjected to a brutal, concerted, prepared attack, by anarchist groups in concomitance then with drug traffickers, who are joined by organized crime groups and that by the brutality of the attack exceeds the possibility of resorbport law enforcement that was held as a permanent rule, because this was a devastating attack,” Espina said in an interview with TVN’s State National program.
Espina referred to reports from the intelligence services and gave as examples the fires at the Metro stations and the various attacks on police stations.
“Can you imagine what it would be like of our country without water, without light? then our duty is to establish an intermediate stage, and that means – as in many countries – that the Armed Forces are allowed, before decreeing a state of emergency, to focus on what is most necessary, and for them the Forces Armed forces are preparing,” the minister added.
Espina further stated that the project does not have a rule to give “impunity” to military personnel who commit any “irregularity”. “There is no exceptional standard except for the minimum and proper caution that those who are guarding public order must have according to world standards,” he said.

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