translated from Spanish: A giant octopus tried to drown a bald eagle that had pounced on it

The eagle did not calculate its own forces and the size of the octopus well and threw themselves into the water to hunt it, but the eagle’s tentacles held it until it was rescued by fishermen.
Sometimes animals offer stunning scenes, you only have to watch the BBC’s most famous documentaries to understand that there are situations between animals of different species that are more tense than what you see in many films or series. Sometimes animals don’t measure their prey well and that can give rise to quite spectacular scenes.
Canadian fishermen have shared a video in which you can see how a bald eagle ends up entangled in the tentacles of a large octopus. According to the fishermen who witnessed the scene, the eagle came down at full speed with the intention of fishing, but did not realize that the animal waiting for him under the water exceeds his size.
The video begins when the eagle has already been caught by the octopus’ tentacles and the bird keeps its head out of the water, but cannot move due to the pressure exerted by the octopus’ tentacles.
That’s when the fishermen decide to act and set the two animals apart with the help of a stick. The eagle manages to free itself and perches on the branch of a tree to try to recover.
“At first we were just looking and we didn’t know if we should intervene or not, you know, because it’s Mother Nature. But we saw that the octopus was trying to drown the eagle and we couldn’t just stand there and do nothing,” one of the fishermen told the local media.

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