translated from Spanish: Death in deer after scuffle in Texcoco prison

State of Mexico.-One indemnor died and four others were injured as a result of a scuffle at the Center for Prevention and Social Reintegration “Dr. Alfonso Quiroz Cuarón”, in Texcoco, the Mexican Secretary of Security of the State (SSEM) reported. The altercation was recorded at 14:15 hours today, between Persons Deprived of Their Freedom (PPL).

“According to the report, due to apparent personal differences, the inmates of bedroom V were assaulted with sharp encing weapons,” SSEM said in a statement. They indicated that the Secretariat of Security (SS) through the Undersecretariat for Prison Control and in coordination with the Control, Command, Communication, Computing and Quality Center (C5), activated the emergency protocol and controlled the dispute. However, as a result of the white-gun fight, PPL was injured.
All five were transferred to Guadalupe Victoria Hospital of the State Of Mexico Health Institute (ISEM) for care.

One of them died in the nosocomium because their wounds were severe and the others remain hospitalized and report them as stable.
After the altercation the activities of the Penitentiary Center continued, because they were able to restore order, they said.

The complaint of facts for the quarrel was filed with the Public Prosecution Service Agency for investigations to identify the likely perpetrators.

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