translated from Spanish: Larrivey: «We need everyone and that’s why we have to learn from mistakes»

Argentina’s Joaquín Larrivey, a striker from universidad de Chile, called on Thursday to «learn from mistakes» because of the follow-up of expulsions that the collegiate cast has suffered in the last matches. Walter Montillo, Camilo Moya, Luis del Pino Mago and Larrivey himself have been expelled in the last commitments played by the Team of Hernán Caputto. The blue goalscorer returns this weekend to Coquimbo Unido, after serving the sanction at the cross with Santiago Wanderers.» Anxiety is being handled naturally. We look at it, and it’s funny. The issue of expulsions is somewhat casual and they will be cut off in the next few matches. This is not a violent or ill-intentioned team,» the team’s goalscorer said.» We need everyone and that’s why we have to learn from mistakes. They are all important players, while we have players to supply them and who will seek to seize their opportunity,» Larrivey added at a press conference. In the same vein as the red cardboard, the attacker said that «maybe the expulsions of me and Luis were a little exaggerated, I think the only one was the right one was Camilo’s, who maybe got a little bit out of his leg. These are avoidable situations from every point of view, and need to be corrected, especially now when the team urgently needs it.» Regarding his status on the campus, the former Cerro Porteño was clear. «While I’ve had to play as a starter, I don’t think there are any starters and understudies. I think it’s important that there is competition and that those who come in feel safe, and that makes us all give 100 percent, which makes the team grow,» he said.» I am a player who fits any game system, to any attacking partner and here there are many things to do from midcourt to forward, and it is in the coach to define what is best for us, and it will also depend on the opponent in front of us» Added. Asked, in so far as, for the crossing of the weekend in Uñoa against Coquimbo Unido, the 35-year-old battering ram stated that «we see a very dangerous rival, it is a team that is in the international cup, and you have to have respect for it. It’s at the bottom of the table, but I’m sure it’s a momentary thing, because surely time will put it higher.» Finally, the gualeguay country appreciated the return of the fans to the southern sector of the Estadio Nacional. «The truth is that it makes us happy that the south gallery is reopened. Unconditional support is very important to us, which in the ‘U’ is given independent of the result. I hope you all go to the court because we need you,» he said.

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