translated from Spanish: Pami: Digital prescriptions can now be requested

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the validity of mandatory isolation, Pami provided that its affiliates could request prescriptions for medicines through digital channels, with the aim of allowing adults to stay at home. 

The holder in Cordoba of the social work of retirees and pensioners, Rubén Ovelar, explained that there will be automatic authorization of medicines, insulins and test strips until March 31. The recommendation is that a family member attend the pharmacy with the ID, affiliate credential and electronic prescription number for the delivery of the drugs.
“The GP passes the prescription number by WhatsApp, text message and mail. With this fact, even without the need for the affiliate holder to go, a family member requests the order and will give him the medicines that the retiree usually receives,” Ovelar said.

On the other hand, he clarified that for all stations that require authorization of monthly renewal, such as diapers and home internment, there is no need to attend the social work, since they are renewed automatically.

“The cases that do require the enrollee or a family member, is renewal by some oncology medication. For this, we are attending the usual schedule on business days (the range in the country is from 7 to 14)”, he indicated. In this note:

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