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Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.- «Before macroeconomic objectives and care for large variables, the country must see for people who have less resources to deal with this health crisis and economic consequences; it is upon them that the greatest weight of the contingency will fall on, that is focus the misfortunes that we must avoid,» said the mayor of Pátzcuaro, Víctor Manuel Báez Ceja, in a statement, in the face of the adversity represented by the pandemic of the virus called Covid-19 .
«We must restore the values of well-being,» he said, noting that the Fourth Transformation government is correctly betting on the rescue of small businesses and support for vulnerable people through the welfare secretariat’s programs. «We will not repeat regrettable experiences as when bankers and road dealers were rescued. During neoliberalism, FOBAPROA, for example, could have been avoided if legitimate debtors, who were really in difficulty, had been rescued; not those who abused and defrauded banking through phantom companies.
«That debt continues to be paid primarily by Mexico’s working class,» Báez Ceja recalled. «It is clear that many countries around the world are betting on programs that involve direct transfers to the population, just as Canada or France will. There are no nightless voices there accusing the presidents of those countries of populists. A humanitarian crisis is experiencing and we must react by demanding rights and support for the poorest. We must celebrate that in Mexico today these rights are already guaranteed in the constitution that boosted the government of President López Obrador and the legislative majority that has the 4T,» the building said.
The mayor of Pátzcuaro considered that the passage of the pandemic through the country will leave many lessons, but the most important will be the one that derives from the solidarity of the Mexicans. «We are a large people who are growing in the face of difficulty, we have a progressive government that has been able to respond with effective actions to opportunistic criticism of the opposition, focusing on meeting the main needs of citizens according to the evolution of the crisis we are living in today.»

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