translated from Spanish: President Piñera said the government has «made mistakes» and raised projections «there are many and very few that have been right»

President Sebastián Piñera referred to the critical situation in the health system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic affecting the country, saying that «the government is much demanded and we have made mistakes» and assured that its administration does make it self-critical.
«The Government does self-criticism, of course, if we have lived extraordinarily difficult and demanding times for a long time. We are facing the worst pandemic and health threat of the last 100 years, the worst global recession of the last 100 years, these are not normal times, these are extraordinarily difficult times,» he said.
Regarding the health system’s response, the President stated that «we are increasing the number of basic, intermediate and critical beds. We are increasing and training staff.»
He also called on the public to be responsible for the measures taken by the authority. «We need the responsibility of all our compatriots. They strictly comply with all standards. Wash hands, avoid crowds and avoid physical contact. We also want to ask you to respect quarantines.» «Coronavirus does not respect borders, it does not respect any of the traditional criteria. He’s beating us all,» he added.
The ruler also addressed the sayings of the Minister of Health, Jaime Mañalich, who raised yesterday that «the projection formulas with which I myself seduced myself in January, have collapsed as a castle of cards», and assured that «in terms of projections there are many and very few that have succeeded».
«The studies have been inaccurate and have departed from the truth. That’s why I want to stress that from day one we prepare,» he said.
Piñera also referred to the figure of 15.6% unemployment in Gran Santiago, the highest in the last 20 years, and said that «we are making every effort to be able to assemble the logistics to reach 10 million Chileans with a basket of food. That’s why we know that unemployment is very serious.»
He also reiterated in his call for a national agreement to deal with the emergency, which he raised, aims to see «how we help those Chileans who need it.»

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