translated from Spanish: China ensures they no longer have severe coronavirus sufferers

Beijing.- China’s National Health Commission reported today that, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, there are no serious patients in the Asian country with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.Health authorities ensured that this Saturday they managed to remove the last patient in serious condition in their country from the danger zone, bringing that locker to 0 , while there are still 70 active spreads in Chinese territory.

In addition, the source noted that, until the past local midnight (16.00 GMT), 6 new contagions had been diagnosed, one of them by local transmission, detected on the southern island of Hainan.The other five new positives were detected in travellers from abroad, so they are so-called “imported” cases, and registered in the central province of Shaanxi (2) , in Tianjin (northeast, 1) and in the southeastern provinces of Guangzhou and Fujian (one case in each). You may be interested in: Myths and realities of the pandemic.Is official information real or is it a secret plan to reduce the population of older adults and reconfigure the world economy? The Commission did not announce further deaths from COVID-19, so the figure remained at 4,634, among the 83,036 infected officially diagnosed in China since the start of the pandemic, and of which 78,332 successfully overcame the disease and were discharged. To date, 746,744 close contacts with infected people have been monitored medically, of which 3,389 remain under observation, and three of these would be suspected cases of infection with the virus. As for asymptomatic infected people, China recorded five new cases in the latter report, leaving the total number of people in those circumstances under observation in 236.

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