translated from Spanish: Refusal of protection, denial of service and omission: Navarro entered complaint against Piñera, Mañalich and Zúñiga

This afternoon, the entrance of the complaint filed by Senator Alejandro Navarro (PRO) against President Sebastián Piñera, the former Minister of Health Jaime Mañalich and the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúniga for the number of contagions and deaths in the Biobío region due to the coronavirus, was official.
The 52-page letter entered to the 7th Court of Guarantee of Santiago, presents charges against the authorities for the crimes contained in articles 256 (Negative or delay of protection or service), 257 (denial of service), 391 (omission) and 193 (ideological forgery of public instrument) of the Penal Code.
In addition, the presentation requests the Court to subpoena eduardo Engel and Diego Pardow, the Public Space Foundation, the journalist Alejandra Matus, the chief of staff of Undersecretary Arturo Zúñiga, Jorge Acosta, the president of the Public Space College, the chief of staff of Undersecretary Arturo Zúñiga, Jorge Acosta, the president of the Public Space College. , Izkia Siches, and the current Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, among other government authorities.
For Senator Navarro,» there must be political and criminal responsibilities for the authorities that led the country to a health disaster a result of its inability to listen. Jaime Mañalich left The Currency without any self-criticism or political judgment. Their mistakes cost lives and for them we demand justice,» he said.
«There are facts and arguments to thee that underpin this complaint. All of Chile saw the refusal and delay in protecting people and health services, because there is a omission in generating policies that caused surges in contagion, and because we saw journalism bring to light what the government did not want to admit. Here there was an ideological forgery of a public instrument and that is why we are calling for the maximum penalties,» explained the progressive parliamentarian.

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