translated from Spanish: The circumstances of 2021 will not be the same as in 2018

The mere fact that today are not in the ownership of the Federal Executive Branch, whether the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) or the National Action Party, or possessing these the majority in the Union Congress, the political circumstances the next electoral process will be totally different from those of 2018, the year in which the majority of the Mexican people were fed up with so much larceny and disgusting plundering of our national wealth , thanks to many abusive reforms to our Supreme Law of the Union, to the scandalous indebtedness aroused throughout the neoliberal regime, and to the fraudulent or advantageous sale of countless state enterprises, the impoverishment of the vast majority of the Mexican people, scandalous corruption, and the enrichment of a few, among other atrocities in the governments of Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado , Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, Vicente Fox Quesada, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and Enrique Peña Nieto, whose respective decisions we are still suffering from the Mexicans; such as the famous Fobaproa, which translated the private debt into public debt that we are still paying for the taxpayers fulfilled, not the consensual ones that were forgiven billions of pesos to the detriment of the Public Treasury.Instead, it is now ruled in favor of the most vulnerable groups, the people of the rasus and corruption is being fought as never before in the history of Mexico. Although the beneficiaries and spokesmen of the old regime are deranged because today they are not the consent of the regime of Andrés Manuel López Obrador. So much so, they find themselves very angry, how consensual infants they take off their mommy in the middle of the food process.
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Contrary to this, the 4Q Government is now directly supporting around 24.5 million flesh-and-blood people who were abandoned by these governments during the neoliberal regime. This is done despite the adversities generated by the SARS-COV2 pandemic, which causes the disease called COVID-19, whose adversaries to the current government are even happy to see so many deaths it has generated in our country; phenomenon that will surely serve as input to opponents to draft and pronounce speeches in the next electoral process, as if they were scavenger animals feasting on corpses and other people’s pain. These scavengers, like hyenas and vultures, will surely also celebrate the adverse economic situation, facilitated by the health measures taken during this pandemic, such as the operational suspension of companies, in the desire to give priority to the health and life of Mexicans. Although we know that most bourgeois who believe they have blue blood, owners of big companies, and who are addicted only to profits, regardless of the well-being of workers and their families. In other words, the only thing that interests these scavengers is just profit, as if they were going to take their money and other assets to the other world when they leave it. These are the circumstances that are now being visualized for the next electoral process of 2021, which will be exploited by those who are now part of the opposition parties such as the PRI and the NAP, as well as their respective satellite parties. The good thing today is that the vast majority of citizens, thanks to social media, are well informed, and that the traditional media – which have not been updated – and that they continue in their quest to lie and confuse, ceased to be credible, because their way of communicating no longer convinces anyone, even those who do not hold professional degrees or academic degrees , but guided by common sense. Thus, today we see very different circumstances to 2018, in whose election contest, Morena proclaimed as the central axis of her campaign the anti-corruption which, thanks to the concrete actions carried out against it, are being bare and outdoors the PRI, the PAN and the PRD.  

Original source in Spanish

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