translated from Spanish: Chinese dumping in the steel ball industry

The sad reality faced by workers in the steel ball industry in the face of the latest decision of the National Price Distortions Commission, which rejected anti-dumping measures against Chinese producers, has us out of place for its inconsistency and lack of empathy and respect for workers in the Biobío Region. We workers appreciate that there is a failure of their duties on the part of this authority.
At first glance and without the need to start the decision, it is appreciated how the CNDP adopts an absolutely contradictory account, describing how all the requirements of anti-dumping duties are met, but at the last minute it seems to repent and refuse to grant the measures.
The CNDP is clear about the situation faced by workers in the steel industry, in particular balls. The CNDP itself tells us that in 2019 employment declined by 17.5% compared to 2018, while in 2018 employment decreased by 3.9% compared to the previous year. These are quality jobs, and thousands of families who depend on the Commission doing its job so as not to be confronted with social drama.
So why are there no anti-dumping duties? If the CNDP itself says that there is dumping by Chinese manufacturers, that the Chinese government supports the subsidized industry, and that more than twenty percent of Chilean workers have lost their jobs in recent years, then why are there no anti-dumping duties?
If the CNDP itself is aware that producer Prodemol went bankrupl and that producer SK Sabo began producing in China, why are there no anti-dumping measures?
There is nothing to be thought of but abandonment of duties by CNDP members. In this the Government has a majority, and has all the elements to make a decision that also defends employment in the Biobío Region. Thus, it is incomprehensible that it has not taken action and established anti-dumping duties.
We workers express our annoyance in this situation and expect the CNDP to impose anti-dumping duties, before it is too late.

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