translated from Spanish: The most hurt by the Federal Budget 2021 are the citizens, says Luis Manuel Antúnez

Morelia, Michoacán. – We are still concerned that the Federation’s Egress Budget for 2021 will significantly hurt municipalities and consequently citizens, Luis Manuel Antúnez Oviedo, National Delegate of Citizen Movement in the state, said in a statement.
Areas such as security will be reduced because the resources will be reduced for municipalities to meet their needs such as equipment and hiring of elements to perform such important tasks, as well as punishing municipalities, since their operation and investment will be compromised for their development.
Michoacan federal deputies did not defend the attention of municipalities and the citizens they claim to represent, taking into account personal and party interests. Thus committing its development and in a clear intention on the part of the officialism to centralize resources with electoral and personal promotion intentions.
“They should have put the interests of citizens first, and more so when we are in an unprecedented economic crisis, and there are real economic emergencies of the public.” explained Antúnez Oviedo.
In Citizen Movement we do not see in a good way that the mistakes of the past continue to be repeated, where social programs and citizens’ resources are used with the intention of compromising voting for the ruling party.
They had to put the interests of citizens first, and more so when we are in an unprecedented economic crisis, arising from COVID-19 and where there are real economic emergencies of the citizenry, Explained Antúnez Oviedo.
In the same way we see with sadness that the opportunity for citizens to be heard and participate in decisions has been missed, this after the adoption of this budget without the opinion or consultation of citizens and municipalities.
It is not a question of supporting one level of government or another, he explained, it is a question of putting before the interests of citizens who will be most affected by these eminently political decisions, so “it is urgent that this issue be seen with a view to municipal development”.
Finally, he noted that on a par with this requirement, in the Citizen Movement “we have always fought for responsible spending denouncing waste” at all levels of government and confirmed that “the centralization of resources in addition to violentness of the federation leaves open the door for the use of resources in client programs that promote the image of voting-inciting officials.”
Citizens should be aware, he said, of those who voted and how they voted, in this federal budget where municipalities have been left abandoned, and their possibility of development has been cut off for the following year.

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