translated from Spanish: Standing on the accelerator: after approval in the Finance Committee, Chamber of Deputies Chamber reviews second withdrawal of 10% government

With its foot on the accelerator, the Chamber of Deputies Chamber reviews at this time the project of the second withdrawal of 10% government after its approval during the morning in the Finance Committee.
The parliamentary office dispatched the project as the House Working Committee did yesterday, keeping income tax exemption under 1.5 million and without «self-consumption.»
In addition, the payment of the first installment was confirmed to 10 working days, and another ten business days for the second. In addition, it provided for a payment within 10 days for payments less than 35 UF.
The discussion of deadlines
During the debate in the Finance Committee, the President of the Central Bank, Mario Marcel, the head of the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF), Joaquín Cortez, and the Superintendent of Pensions, Osvaldo Macías, warned that it is complex to shorten the deadlines for payment of the second withdrawal of 10% of the planned funds.
«We don’t get much out of shortening the deadlines to a point where the risks of problems in this whole process, at some stage of the process, are failing,» BC President Mario Marcel warned.
On the issue of deadlines, The Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, also made a call for attention, who warned that this is a «delicate» point.
«You have to keep it in sight because this means very massive withdrawals, from many people and you have to process them. You understand that processing capacity is critical,» he said, insisting that a 10-day period is «unwise.»
The opposition also tried to raise the tranche of tax payers to $2.5 million. «We are of the opinion and I have discussed it with Mr Manuel Monsalve (PS), also stated to me by Mr Pablo Lorenzini (exDC) that this exemption from taxation has to be a higher tranche. (That’s why) we’re going to present an indication to make it on the basis of the 2.5 million up monthly income,» he said. However, the indication was declared inadmissible.

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