translated from Spanish: Unpublished virtual reality documentary reviews the ten years of Chile’s first Contemporary Jewellery Association

«Un Decade Brava» is the virtual reality documentary about the ten years of the first Chilean Contemporary Jewellery Association, Joya Brava; in which the intimate memory of its members is intertwined about its growth as a collective, and the revelation of his artistic work through a retrospective of his works that were animated and that show the diversity of his materialities (from waste objects to animal origin) and his techniques (from the crin tissue to the filigree).
The documentary was made in 360 and offers a spherical record of the relevant places in the history of Joya Brava, as well as spaces related to the inspiration of the creators. For this reason, it can also be appreciated as Immersive Virtual Reality Experience. In addition, for the pieces of jewelry to be appreciated in all their details were photographed in studies experts in the registration of objects, both in Santiago and Barcelona. These animated pieces were integrated into the documentary

Joya Brava won a Fondart to commemorate his decade of existence through an exhibition of a retrospective of his works to be performed at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, GAM; because of the pandemic had to change its format to this virtual sample. The premiere of the documentary is planned for December 16 at 20 hrs. via GAM’s Youtube channel and its Facebook; and will be hosted on GAM’s platforms and also on the Joya Brava website (  Added to this are a series of talks called «Dialogues of Joya Brava» that will address topics such as cultural identity in contemporary practices, street art during the social outburst, art and genre, among others.
Chilean contemporary jewellery
Joya Brava was founded in 2010 with the idea of joining forces to give visibility to contemporary Chilean jewelry as art in both the national and foreign cultural scene. Thanks to their associative work, their members have developed experiences of collective creation, organizing group exhibitions and carrying out training activities; as well as participating in international shows and fairs receiving important recognitions as representatives of contemporary Chilean jewelry.

In their ten years they have been backed by Prochile, Fondart and Sercotec. Some of his collective exhibitions of these 10 years are: «Quiltro», «Persistence Barroca», «Usual Stories» and «Interiors» and have had the tutoring of experienced foreign and Chilean professionals. His artists have positioned himself on the scene of international contemporary jewelry, also becoming a reference of associativity and collective work in Latin America.
The guild today consists only of women, some established jewelers with international awards and recognitions, and others who are starting their careers. All are jewelry professionals, with a diversity of formal studies behind them such as art, design, art history, architecture, sociology and commercial engineering. 

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