translated from Spanish: Child Advocate after learning Supreme Court ruling rejecting its removal: «No kind of intimidation will prevent me from further performing my duties»

The Supreme Court released this Friday the content of the ruling rejecting the removal of the child advocate, Patricia Muñoz, after an application filed by deputies of Chile Vamos. This, as part of a video published by the organism containing the phrase «skip the tourniquets». Muñoz valued the resolution and indicated that it relieved the «recognition of the human rights of children and adolescents»
«I am very pleased not only with the result that we had known of the decision to remove this blunt ruling, but also to read how the excellent Supreme Court in this vote of a majority of 20 ministers of our country, what it does is relieve the recognition of the human rights of children and adolescents,» said the child advocate, Radio Bío Bío.
In the same line, Muñoz added that the resolution would give an account of «the need that we have as a country to make transit and the effective paradigm shift to comply with the requirements imposed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how precisely from that perspective the work that the Ombudsman has done in this area is in line with those requirements that it has in its legislation».

I have been notified of the strong ruling 20 of 21 ministr@s d Supreme Court q rejected my removal, content by reasoning that emphasizes human rights of NNA, recognizes adolescents as subjects of law and allows to continue working firmly! I leave some recitals!
— Patty Muñoz García (@Pa__tty) April 30, 2021

«It relieves the danger that these removal mechanisms have to be used by delivering information that is not consistent with reality, particularly because of one of the chapters of the removal request that certainly had no handle or basis, in terms that those facts were not as they had actually occurred,» he continued.
Finally, he mentioned that «no kind of intimidation or action of this nature will prevent me from further developing my functions that are focused solely and exclusively on the effective safeguarding of the human rights of children and adolescents living in Chile, without distinction.»

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