translated from Spanish: The tragic slowness of vaccination vs. covid

The undersecretary of health and in charge of the vaccination campaign against covid dr. Lopez-Gatell, just said that “40 percent of the population over 18 years old is already vaccinated.” One more, another of the lies of this Government of Morena and its 4Q. By consulting the site (our world in data or statistics) we can see a table that places Mexico with only 16 percent of the population already fully vaccinated, that is to say with both doses or with vaccines that their application is of a single dose. It’s outrageous to see federal health authorities systematically lying about covid testing data, infected, vaccinated, and not to mention the lack of honesty to the point of having to acknowledge that “the number of covid deaths would have to be multiplied between 8 and 12 times.”
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The fact of not having carried out mass tests to identify those infected with covid, the perverse foolishness of not carrying out the vaccination campaign in time so that in the middle of the electoral campaign the vaccination lines are used as an electoral strategy and for that very reason candidates for mayors, deputies and governors throughout the country, insisted on this issue throughout the electoral process this year. Even though that is clearly classified as a serious electoral offence. To this we must add that the person in charge of the purchases of medical equipment and medicines, David Leon, whom President Obrador appointed to “fight corruption in the health sector” is precisely the one who has appeared in different video giving money clandestinely and illegally to relatives of the then candidate and now president of the Republic. By the way, these purchases of medicines without bidding, that is, without transparency, have increased by more than 80 percent; this largely explains the lack of medicines for children and women with cancer, for example. Added to the cowardly complicity of the current MPs of the 4Q. So where is the difference between the PRI, PAN, and Morena? The same lies, the same ineptitude and the same corruption. I am absolutely convinced that we can be better and worse of course, we urgently need a total change in health, education and many other issues; I am aware of how difficult it is to convey this urgent need to the vast majority of the population, especially when disinformation comes from the government itself backed by lying, corrupt and inept politicians. Those who do not hesitate are the families that have suffered the shortage of medicines, who have lost loved ones, who with intelligence and information are not fooled by either the current or the previous ones and we are part of a citizen resistance that we are determined not to conform and to work so that all our families can live in dignity. It’s not about fighting each other on social media, it’s about assuming our civic responsibility to inform ourselves and join a citizen movement that works for this total change. Your children, your family and you deserve it. I am not going to be discouraged by the election results obtained in Sinaloa a month ago, on the contrary, the message was strong “we need to work more for this total change” and I am going to do it, because like you, I also have a family to fight for and I want to leave them a better place to live.

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