translated from Spanish: They attack possible pepenador in Providencia sector of Culiacán

Culiacan, Sinaloa .- On the Heroic Road Military College, at the height of the Providencia sector, he was attacked with bullets and was shot several times in the stomach. The alert of the assault was received to 911 around 11:25 p.m., where it was reported that there was a person who required medical help because he had been shot. After the report immediately, a relief unit moves to the place to give attention, while police corporations are already in the area where the events were recorded to collect data from the alleged perpetrator(s). Read more: ALERT! Chlorine gas tank stolen in Chihuahua, highly toxic on contactThe affected person was stabilized by Red Cross paramedics and was later taken to a hospital to be operated on for several gunshot wounds that he suffered in both legs and in the buttocks and stomach. The approximately 30-year-old assaulted man identified himself as Esteban N, a destitute-looking person. Regarding the facts, it was mentioned that the man was walking on Providencia Boulevard pulling a supermarket cart and when he reached San Ignacio Street, he was hit by the alleged perpetrators who shot him at least seven times with a short gun; committed the violent action, they fled leaving the victim to their fate. The man was transferred by Red Cross / Luis Pérez Vecinos personnel who heard the detonations, went out to find out what had happened and that was when they noticed the man on the pavement complaining of the pains. Faced with this situation, they requested an ambulance to help him. Police officers are currently guarding the area of the attack to preserve possible evidence while waiting for personnel from the Attorney General’s Office to conduct the corresponding investigations into the case. Rains flood avenues of the city of Los Mochis

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