translated from Spanish: As of September 7, the entire subway network will be enabled

The Buenos Aires government announced the reopening of the ten stations of the subway network that remained closed since the coronavirus pandemic began, in March 2020.The stations that will reopen are Sáenz Peña, Pasco and Alberti (Line A), Florida and Pasteur-Amia (Line B), Agüero and Scalabrini Ortiz (Line D), and San José, Pichincha and Varela (Line E). Currently the data that the government of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta has indicate that the use of the subway network at 30% of its pre-pandemic level, a percentage that they expect to increase.
The measure will be taken within the framework of the plan to gradually and progressively resume the normality presented by the City Government and with it the subway network will be fully operational. Meanwhile, as a result of the progressive increase in demand, the transfer of bicycles and skateboards enabled last year when strict isolation was in force will be restricted to certain times during working days -from the start of the service until 8:00, from 10:00 to 16:00 and from 19:00 to closing-, in addition to weekends and holidays, with the aim of ensuring greater capacity within the trains. >

The lines enabled to do so are the same as until now: the A, B, D, E and H, while the C was excluded for having a high demand, having different internal combinations and being the shortest in the network, since the recommendation is that the journeys of around 5 kilometers are made by bicycle.

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