Lopez advances the presidential fight!

When he has not even completed half of his term, the Mexican president is already campaigning to “warm up” the presidential contest of the still distant 2024. And, as a good professional of electoral fencing, at every opportunity it pleases his favorites; Mrs. Claudia and Mr. Adam.
While the other candidates – Marcelo and Ricardo –, do their best to win the presidential favor; a grace that, despite their repeated efforts, they will never achieve.
For an elementary reason; because if “the Lord of the Palace” does not trust Marcelo, he has less confidence in Ricardo.
And it is that Messrs. Ebrard and Monreal know that in politics, as in the society of felines, the “old king” must die politically to make way for the “young king”.
And in the games of power and political heritage the “Lord of the Palace” knows that only loyalists, such as Mrs. Claudia and Mr. Adam, would not be capable of a betrayal.
The truth, however, is that no one is surprised that López Obrador does the only thing he knows how to do – and that he does it very well; voter proselytism.
The problem is that if López does not seek re-election – as we have assured here for years that it will happen –, the outgoing president in 2024 will inherit one of the worst governments in history. Even worse; whoever lopez’s successor is, he will bear the burden not only of the worst government in history, but of the greatest crisis in economic, security and violence, health and, above all, the greatest crisis of governability that is known. And that inheritance will be one of the greatest burdens that will be carried by anyone who turns out to be the presidential candidate “blessed” by “the Lord of the Palace”; a ballast that could cost the presidential race to the chosen one.
For now, Obrador is determined to raise the hand of what he believes could be his most loyal successor, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, who in reality – and in the face of the facts –, also bears one of the worst governments of the country’s capital.
In addition, of course, that the president himself is in charge of filtering the species that the new Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López – yes, another López–, must be included as part of the pair of favorites to be on the ballot of the still distant 2024.
And that’s why they force questions.
Why did the president decide to close the number of his potential successors in just two?
What will happen to the presidential aspirations of Marcelo Ebrard and Ricardo Monreal?
Will they discipline themselves or, as political orthodoxy dictates, provoke a rebellion on the farm?
But let’s go in parts.
It is clear that the Obrador has as a leader for his eventual succession Mrs. Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of government who for years has been one of his most loyal collaborators.
And, on the one hand, López’s long political fang makes him suppose that the time has come for a woman president and, on the other hand, the president assumes that the opponents of the PRI, PAN and PRD could lean towards a woman to unseat Morena.
Amlo’s imaginary presidential ballot – for 2024 –, appears women like Margarita Zavala and Rosario Robles, whom the Palace guest believes could defeat the current head of government of Mexico City.
But the same “political tusk” dictates to Obrador that he cannot close his succession game to a single card.
For this, it needs a reliable candidate capable of imposing itself on the “heavyweights” that could be postulated by the PRI, PAN and PRD, among whom alfredo del Mazo, the Mexican governor; Enrique de la Madrid, former head of Tourism, Ricardo Anaya, the burned blue cartridge and others that could arise in the contest.
The nice thing about it is that by closing the succession deck to two, Obrador is also creating his own Frankenstein.
Because Marcelo Ebrard and Ricardo Monreal live their last presidential opportunity and, like a cornered animal, they are capable of ramming their tamer.
At the same time.

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