Lasarte after Chile’s triumph: “Not winning was almost being left out of the World Cup”

The Chilean team achieved a revitalizing triumph against Bolivia at the height of La Paz. The red is not yet favorite to get tickets to the World Cup in Qatar, however she is still in the fight and will fight until the last double date that will be played the last week of March.
After the match, the coach of the Chilean national team, Martín Lasarte, analyzed the important victory of his managers.
“For us not to win was to be almost out of the World Cup, but the reality also indicates that winning gives you confidence, gives you energy, this match is very difficult for any team,” he said.
On the analysis of the game, he said that “the first half was ours, the second they started better, but we had many more scoring chances. We prepared a game that hours before we had to change, go out playing, possession of the ball, all that we could not do because of the conditions of the court. ”
He also added that “there are many important players who were not today due to different circumstances, but others adapted, worked very well the previous days, we came with a lot of confidence. I leave happy for the group, which beyond difficulties solidified, shielded”
The strategist also highlighted two important actions that in the previous one did not appear as protagonists. “(Gabriel) Suazo with us had already competed and earned his place. He came in with Paraguay and played those minutes very well. Today I will repeat what I said last week, the importance of being able to do a tour with many players from the local media, where Gabriel played very well and gave us the thought of a player that we must take into consideration. And I found Brayan (Cortés) outstanding,” he said.
The next opponents of the Chilean team will be to visit Brazil on March 24 and close the Qualifiers in home condition against Uruguay on March 29.

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