Thunder released their new single “Across The Nation”

The English band Thunder released their new single “Across The Nation”, the third single from their next studio album “Dopamine”, a double album composed of 16 songs, which will be released on April 29. “It’s a very direct song, about being in a band but not being able to go on tour. The frustration we feel about it is enormous, so we can’t wait for the time to go out and play.  We managed to do two Christmas gigs, at the end of last year, and it was great to get back on stage. It was emotional for both the audience and us,” Luke Morley said on the subject.

“Dopamine” will be the band’s first double album, comprised of 16 songs, and will come at the perfect time for Thunder, whose line-up over the past quarter century and more has been Luke Morley, Danny Bowes, Ben Matthews, Chris Childs and Harry James. including a date at london’s OVO Arena Wembley. On the other hand, Thunder has been riding a wave of hits since their 2015 comeback album “Wonder Days.” In addition, last year the group presented “All The Right Noises”, an album that reached the Top 3 in the UK Albums Chart. 

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