They evicted the demonstrators who cut the Tracks of the San Martín train

The Federal Police evicted this afternoon a group of workers from outsourced companies that were on the tracks of the San Martín train, at the height of the Palermo station, in the framework of struggles and tear gas, after an order of the federal judge Marcelo Martínez de Giorgi.The struggles began after the warning of one of the police officers, who with a megaphone, asked the demonstrators: “We need you to evict the area. We are authorized by the federal court to proceed.” One of the demonstrators of outsourced companies that provide services on the San Martín and Mitre Lines of Trenes Argentinos, who refused to withdraw from the tracks, told the media present at the place that “for more than a year we have been making the claim and they are boludean us everywhere, more than 3,000 people ask for salary improvements.” We are about 300 comrades, who are asking for a dialogue table with the authorities. We want to be taken into account as railway workers, because private companies do not respect our rights,” the protest spokesmen told the press. The demonstrators, who cut the tracks are employees of outsourced companies, within the scope of “care and security”, which demanded in this way the “pass to permanent plant” in Trenes Argentinos.Due to the protest, the San Martín train fulfilled services only from the Villa Del Parque station to Doctor Cabred. After the intervention of the police, the service was restored at 4:00 p.m.

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