Miguel Angel Pierri could represent Blas Cinalli, accused of killing Báez Sosa

Miguel Angel Pierri, the lawyer recognized for having worked on numerous cases that transcended the media, could represent Blas Cinalli, one of the young people accused and convicted of the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa, which occurred in January 2020 in the city of Villa Gesell. Three relatives of theirs who are convicted in the Fernando case approached my studio in consultation, they made me aware of the concern, I made them aware of the professional and economic conditions, then we had a second contact on Tuesday, “said Pierri in dialogue with Vero Morilla on the radio program Beyond the News which is issued by Radio Cologne. (Blas Cinalli) The judges of the Oral Criminal Court 1 of Dolores sentenced Blas Cinalli, Ayrton Viollaz and Lucas Pertossi to 15 years in prison for being considered a secondary participant in the crime of the young man in Villa Gesell. Unlike the other five rugby players, who received the maximum sentence of life, they will be able to enjoy the benefits of temporary departures and even request parole after a certain amount of time.” Between today and the holiday Monday we resolve if we reach an agreement, it would be with one of them. We are still a bit far away. My team was having contact with a relative who lives in Escobar of the Cinalli family, “added the lawyer who participated in 2013 in the defense of Jorge Mangieri, convicted of the femicide of Angeles Rawson.In addition, the lawyer commented that he thinks that the Buenos Aires Criminal Cassation Chamber will lower the penalty for secondary participation to the three sentenced to 15 years in prison: “Here it is not disputed that they are the murderers of Fernando, but I think there are different participations.” And he explained: “In the case of Cinalli and Viollaz, it seems to me that it has to be raised differently because they were primary they gave him the maximum crime of secondary participation, but I am convinced that the Criminal Cassation will lower their penalty,” he concluded.

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