Soledad Aquino spoke of the strained relationship with her daughter, Candelaria Tinelli

Soledad Aquino spoke about her relationship with Cande Tinelli, after she expressed herself negatively about Guillermina Valdés, the last partner of her father, Marcelo Tinelli and mother of her brother, Lorenzo. After his controversial statements, Aquino came out to say that he does not like to see his daughter in that place and generated a back and forth in networks by the influencer that denoted a certain family crisis. For this reason, the former flamenco dancer spoke to Intruders and revealed how the situation is with her youngest daughter: “The theme of Cande, we have already reconciled, it has passed, it is my daughter. I don’t think she even feels it (what she said about her), just like I don’t either. He said, ‘Mom, let’s erase everything.’ Maybe he needed to let go, express himself and have some practice with television. Guillermina Valdés was not a preponderant issue in the family,” he said. Then he delved into Cande’s exhibition and said: “What I said is that it seemed to me that she, who fights against the controversy about herself, defends herself and attacks those who attack her, just got into the first place she comes out, in a place where she is exposed and where people are talked about. If she doesn’t want them to talk about her… you have to start with one,” he concluded after saying that it seemed to him that “his daughter was too thin, for a program as fatty as LAM.” 

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