Mario Leito asked Fernando Espinoza for a psychological examination

After the scandal that formed in the match between Atlético Tucumán and San Lorenzo for the date 10 of the Professional Football League, the president of the “Dean”, Mario Leito, asked that the authorities of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) perform a psychological examination of referee Fernando Espinoza, who was at the center of the controversy. The controversial match of EspinozaInsólito is one of the adjectives that fit the controversy that took over the Monumental José Fierro stadium last night. From the beginning of the match, Espinoza became the protagonist and lit a fuse that did not take long to explode. Six minutes into the game, the referee decided to expel Lucas Pusinseri, coach of Atlético Tucumán for an alleged insult. “The issue comes at the beginning of the game about a play where there is a possible penalty, there is no insult, you do not see an insult,” explained the technical director in the subsequent press conference. But the scandal continued to grow and, with the 2-1 in favor of the “Cyclone” on the scoreboard, the goals were overshadowed by an expulsion in the 43rd minute. After reviewing the play with the VAR, since he first assigned a yellow card, the referee decided to show the red to Ignacio Maestro Puch for an iron on Andrés Vombergar. But the first half had more and, a few seconds later, Espinoza threw out the captain of the “Dean”, Guillermo Acosta, for alleged aggressions. Instantly, television footage showed a doctor from San Lorenzo clutching his head after receiving a projectile from the stands. There are no words for this guy, he is arrogant, you can not say anything, he thinks he is the boss. What do you think? He has to talk to the players, nobody here is handsome for having a red card in his pocket. Now let’s see if he’s handsome out there…”, declared the “Bebe” later. Before the end of the first half, another unfortunate scene took place when an object that fell from the grandstand passed near Espinoza; Then it was possible to specify that it was a cell phone. Just started the complement, at eight minutes, one more expulsion would take place with the “trampling” of Gastón Hernández. After a magnificent play, Cristian Barrios sentenced the game five minutes later with an excellent definition, but the eyes continued to point towards the refereeing list. At the end of the match, the vehicle that transported the referee list was the object of the anger of a group of fans of Atlético Tucumán, which resulted in the shattered front window. In this regard, Espinoza said he will initiate criminal proceedings against the institution for the fact. This Sunday, Leito expressed his anger on social networks and asked that a psychological examination be carried out on the referee. “As I said last night before the press, after the last game against Boca I asked the AFA not to direct Espinoza again, that’s why we were surprised this week when he was appointed to referee against San Lorenzo. And, once appointed, there’s not much that can be done,” he first said. In that line he added that “after the disastrous arbitration last night, I will not only ask again that I no longer direct Atletico Tucumán but that it be seriously analyzed if Espinoza is in psychological conditions to direct and that the authorities show the documentation that supports him to arbitrate. ” Then, the president of the club warned that “we cannot sit idly by waiting for an act of violence that we have to regret.” To conclude, Leito left a forceful criticism against the referee. “Espinoza is bad for football and for AFA to sustain it goes against what is promoted in relation to eradicating violence from the fields of Argentina. Not only do I say it: he is unanimously the worst referee in the history of Argentine football, “he closed.

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