translated from Spanish: Karime was on her way to give toys to children when she was killed

State of Mexico.-Karime, a 17-year-old girl, was killed when she directed toys to low-income children in the municipality of San Antonio Islas. Mother and daughter were members of the Association women Biker Mexico and were participating together with a foundation to give toys to children of scarce resources, however death reached Karime by an imprudence. The child and her mother traveled on a motorcycle on the road to the community of San Lucas Tepemajalco to participate with the foundation leaving traces of love this Sunday, May 26, when a driver enclothed them on the road Toluca-Tenango del Valle. When Karime and his mother moved down the road a cargo truck invaded the lane where they moved and the rammed making both projected to the asphalt tape, after the strong hit Karime did not resist and died in the place. 
The child’s mother was injured but survived the impact. The drive driver to see what he had done kept driving until he reached a mall, where he left the truck and fled. A friend of Karime and his mom followed the truck however I can’t hit the driver who fled on foot. Police elements are already in search of the man who caused the tragedy, the truck was taken to the Public Ministry as part of the investigations.

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