translated from Spanish: Mayor Jadue and opposition sectors condemn violent events in capital

The mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, reported the acts of violence recorded in the capital during the day on Monday and called for the «awakening of Chile» not to be tarnished.» I strongly and without half-inks count violence on the streets. Let us not allow Chile’s awakening to be tarnished by actions that do not represent the big majorities,» he said on his Twitter account. fires in a hotel and a medical center in the Alameda with Santa Rosa.» Terrible images we see of Santiago and other cities. Of course we condemn the destruction and fires that are happening right now. This situation unfortunately serves those who want to bring the just social demand for transformations to a public safety problem,» he said on social media. In turn, the President of the Christian Democracy (DC), Fuad Chahein, who said that «Chile is everyone’s,» called for «working to eradicate the inequality that sickens society. But that route is always peaceful and dialogue.» Acts of violence feed extremes, and those who suffer most are the ones who need the most. Violence is never the way!» he stressed on his Twitter account.While DC MP Matías Walker added that «the minority that today chose to block the means of transportation of the most vulnerable people, run out of business and leave Chileans isolated, the only thing that it’s enough to put social advances in check, but you know that. Not to violence, not to violations of DDHH #ChileQuierePaz», she also concluded on her Twitter account.These statements come after the new government spokeswoman, Karla Rubilar, placed all political sectors and organizations with the possibility of influencing them to condemn «without double standards» the chaos and violence that unfolds after the demonstrations.

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